These types of water-related emergencies can happen at any time and usually without much notice. Our team is available for emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With one call to our office, we will dispatch a professional, experienced team to your location to determine exactly what is required to address response, mitigation and recovery activities. The initial damage assessment should begin as soon as possible after the sewage damage has been detected.

Water and Sewage

Flood waters and raw sewage contain bacteria and other organisms which are extremely hazardous to human health; seniors, children and pets are especially vulnerable. Failure to remove contaminated materials can present serious long term heath risks, and as such some absorbent materials such as carpeting and drywall may not be restorable after direct contact with contaminated water. Even clear water can generate mildew and other bacterial growth if neglected. The air quality in your home or business may also be affected by the sewage damage. These areas can be addressed through Northern Capital Restoration’s air scrubbing and disinfection technologies.

Structural Drying

After removing the water through pumping or extraction, it is often necessary to remove structurally damaged and/or other contaminated items. Once that is complete, and the site is sanitized, it is considered disinfected and the drying process can begin. Northern Capital Restorations can apply a variety of methodologies when developing a drying plan suitable to address your specific needs. All of our water damage technicians are certified professionals with the knowledge required to establish and execute a drying plan that will quickly and thoroughly dry the area while eliminating the chances of secondary damage.


Our qualified cleaning technicians use the latest equipment to diagnose and eradicate odours from surfaces. Thanks to immediate cleaning with our specialized equipment, we can remove bacteria, organic and/or chemical compounds, effectively eradicating the odour at its source.


Replacing contents can be more expensive than restoring them. It is the little things that mean the most when your home is hit with disaster. The lumber, drywall, and flooring can all be “easily” replaced after a fire or flood. However, it is the things like your child’s favorite stuffed animal, a wedding gown, or a family heirloom quilt that are irreplaceable. Our contents team of Esporta Certified Operators restore smoke, soot, and water impacted soft contents using the patented Esporta ES-3300 restoration system. A pack out is necessary if structural damage or security concerns make onsite cleaning difficult or impossible. Our staff will carefully pack contents and transport them to our secure site. The contents are then unpacked, cleaned, deodorized and inspected. Rest assured, our fully trained professional teams, exacting standards and best-in-class technology will complete a total restoration of your belongings in addition to keeping a detailed inventory of both salvageable and non-recoverable items. Once you have inspected your restored and cleaned belongings, we will re pack them for delivery and re set them once your home is ready.