Asbestos Removal

Though most newer homes and buildings are not likely to contain asbestos, if you own a home or commercial building that was constructed prior to or during the 1990’s, you may need to contact Northern Capital Restorations to help remove your home or business of this harmful material. If materials containing asbestos becomes damaged, asbestos fibers may become airborne and inhaled into the lungs, resulting in severe health problems, especially among children, the elderly and those with respiratory problems. An important thing to note is that, depending on what type of material contains asbestos, it can become airborne if disturbed, so it is best to leave it alone after calling in a professional.

Materials that can contain asbestos in homes or businesses are:

Ceiling tiles

Vinyl floor tiles

Pipe insulation

Floor ducting

Paper wrap insulation

Attic insulation

Northern Capital Restoration has a team of certified technicians that take a multiple step process to the removal of the asbestos containing material from your home or business. Northern Capital Restorations will come to your home and take samples and send them to a lab for analysis. If the material is found to contain asbestos, our team of certified Asbestos technicians will put together a scope of work to safely remove the asbestos material in compliance with Worksafe B.C. Regulations.

The process involves:

Determining the extent and the severity of the asbestos containing material area

Isolating the contaminated area

Installing and measuring negative pressure via HEPA equipped negative air machines

Removing and safely disposing of contaminated materials

Complete HEPA vacuum of the entire area

Air Quality Clearances

After all asbestos contaminated material is removed, Northern Capital Restorations will take a final air clearance sample and inspect the work done in order to give you full peace of mind that your home or business is safe, and that all the asbestos has been properly and completely removed.